The Secrets from The Wise Man

Translated by Katya Spungina

Village in Cherkassy region (in Ukraine). An old man is pondering, seating under high old tree at oak table.
It's Grandfather, The Wise man...

Who goes to the table and sits down opposite Grandfather? It is his apprentice, a young man.

- Grandpa, we now have a summer vacation, and I would like to learn from You. I am very interested in traditional healing.

- Well, Sonny, if you want - so there is a reason. You see, there, near the forest, there is astone. Go, and bring it here...

The student has complied with the request of the Grandfather.

- This is the first lesson: the most important, but it will become clear to you, I think, not soon. Now sit down.

The student went to the bucket with water, took a mug, and quenched the thirst for tired, pulling hard stone, and poured the remaining water under growing near a Bush of roses.

- Take the bucket, pour in the water under a tree and bring fresh, if you do not complicate it.

The young man complied another Grandfather order and sat down, ready for the lesson.

- You see, my son - the first lesson you have made, but haven’t understood. You have come to gain knowledge, and knowledge - particularly individual thing, and it is transmitted better through the action than many words.
Knowledge requires a " fee" ... To pay for everything , and for knowledge - especially! And the fee first of all is necessary for you, not the teacher.  This was confirmed by you, when half a cup of water poured under a bush, taken more water than you needed. Why did you do so? Because you do not appreciate the water, this was the labor of others; you have not lived in the desert, and haven’t tried out with a bucket. And that is why I’ve asked you to bring fresh.

- So, it means that your request was also a lesson?

- Yes. That did not require personal labor - never appreciated, and even corrupts, deprives of vitality.

- And the stone was for the same reason?

- The stone became a fee for the first lesson, as well as a test for the presence of you have respect for their elders, or humility. This exam you stood with dignity, but with the " water " showed carelessness and ingratitude .

- I do not understand something. Is it so significant?

- The ability to thank the World is very important for those who want to understand it. Knowledge of life is not only a word, but the noise of the wind, and sickness, and pain, and smile, and love, and hatred... But for all this we are obliged to pay, and only then the Lesson becomes your part, enters into you and transform you.

- But how unselfishness, generosity?

- Oh, son, it's a deep concepts. We must remember that gratitude for the experience necessary first of all to you for your own growth, otherwise experience that gives life, will come from you as useless as the water that you're so blithely poured on the ground.
Now, go and think, and always - tomorrow or the day after, always - remember about that ... Thanks for the Experience.

If your heart does not change his mind to learn - I'll be glad to see you again.


The Necessity to Thank 
- Grandfather, the last time I poured the remaining water from the mug under a Rose bush, you me rebuked him. But I’ve made a good work for the bush, pouring the water below. 
- So, but you did it without realizing. If you take the water and poured bushes, right from the start thinking about helping them - you would have made a rational action. Yesterday the root roses was absorbed only water, but if you did it consciously, together with the water rose felt thy attention, care, and during flowering it paid attention to you, beautiful flower, delicate scent and good health, son... 
- Grandpa, I thought a lot about how I can thank you for your teaching. And can't think out anything. Somehow awkward to me... 
"Well, son, you are hurting my feelings. You have not understood the meaning of gratitude. Don’t think about the “special” gratitude - it is insincere game. Thanks to the world must go out the heart. The lesson could be not only pleasant, but painful too. You should thank for both. This should form the basis of the life. In that way you will growing... you’ve seen, a lot of people come to me, I help them to find the way to health as much as I can. They are thankful for me. They express this noble feeling how they can and know.

- And what they give to you, grandpa? 
- What they want and can give for my work. You shouldn't determine this. Let the people chooses the way of thanking

- Is there a difference between the money or other things, for example, an apple? 
- Everything that a person belongs, is part of his nature, his life-force, only if it is not stolen, it must be earned. People give me a part of his nature, his soul, in exchange for my work, regardless of the subject of the expression: it could be money, an apple, or even a stone, found on the road. As I will use the thing depends on continued human health. In this, my son, the great Secret of attaining health and happiness.

I don't see how it can be associated with you, grandpa? 
- If this thing does not find application, the person will not feel the full joy, even, if he will not know about that. If we eat these pears, that is on the table, with appetite and gratitude, the girl that they were gathered and brought become warmer, and the light will go to her not only from the Sun this afternoon, but from the heart, the light generated by our with you thanks.  

- And if not eat, and they get out of order? 
- Then it will be bad for me. 
- A girl? 
- The girl will feel easy, though not happy, for she thanked me, I've stayed cold and careless to her gratitude.

- But why it will be bad for you? You did nothing wrong? 
Doing nothing is sometimes even worse than that. The world asks me through these pears. In them, as well as at the request of the girls, I hear the voice of God with request to help her. If I will deaf to the call of the World - the World will punish me. Punishment will be as stronger as my opportunities to help the person. I must, must help to him, as well, as must now talking with you, my young friend...


- Why “must”, grandpa? 
- Think about that...


Following to the tradition


- Grandfather, when you will begin to talk about how to heal the people? 
- Are we talking about something else? 
- I understand that everything is important, but I would like to hear something more specific. 
- Well, if you want, then listen. The first type of healing is healing of the body; the second is the healing of the soul; the third is the most difficult - treatment, or rather not even treatment, the help in acquiring healthy spirit of a life. 
- It is very unclear to me, grandpa! Then you're talking about ordinary things, simple and available, but, in my opinion, far from the art of healing, then suddenly the ones that are short in your statement, but completely incomprehensible for a simple student of the medical Institute.


- Do not hurry up; the way of knowledge is difficult; I have already said that the study is not only words, but actions. And before you will start to understand others, you should understand and composure yourself! 
- Don’t I do that? I do what I wish, and I try to control myself. Isn't that “control oneself?”

- Do you think that we can quickly learn to be master of yourself? This is self-deception... A man, even a very strong and developed, whole life fighting to control himself. And starts this way from restoring order and the purity in the body, then - in clothes and material environment, then he harmonizes relationships with family and friends, and only then there is a certain order, and hence the power over your emotions. And only after, when a man has found sympathy, compassion for others, it takes a remarkable gift intuitive feel for how other living beings and the outside world in General. Only constant self control will give him the Power of Thought, the Power of No-act... 
- May be, I am early telling you this. It's a long, a very long way, and very few people even goes to the middle... it's good that the person has at least seeks ways to help others, at least are interested in this way. Here's how you, son...

- Remember, yesterday at a fire in your eye you got a mote, and you won't be able to look at the world. A single speck of dust - and it disarm your vision! So the impurity of the body is a serious obstacle to any person, not allowing him to feel Peace in all of his infinite fullness... 
- Care of the hygienic purity of the body not only cleanses our organs of perception, but also to discipline our spirit, strengthens the will and teaches the attention and the ability to think not only about themselves but about others. 
- Grandpa, you demand it from those who come to you for the help? 
- Of course, I am talking about that. Without it, it is impossible: health is not achievable when there is no order. Before impose a medical bandage the wound should be washed! 
- What advice would you give to me personally? As best you care for your body? How to clean it up?

- So listen carefully. 
- First of all, when only opened you eyes after sleep, come up out of bed not abruptly, go out into the fresh air and breathe them, let
the “old spirit” come out of you. After wash with fresh water, it is better to take a shower. This will revive your body and also to prepare it for a work. Do not be lazy to bathe in the evening, after proceedings before going to sleep, the warm will relax your muscles, it will move out all the toxins of the day's work and prepare your for the journey to the world of dreams. Morning and evening ablution is a kind of confession. Most importantly, try to feel the difference, which undoubtedly exists between the body clean and dirty!.. It is homework for you. 
- Do I have to follow this always? 
- No, not necessarily. But it is required in the start of the way. When building a house, start with the Foundation. The Foundation does not reach the roof, it is only the Foundation, but all the same - the basis of what will follow above, what will be over him. 
- Then, later I will not have to constantly wash?

- No, you should always wash and be clean, but the time, method and frequency of this process will depend on situations and live necessary. 
- Why, then, now you advise me to do so, and not otherwise? 
- You can do anything. I am not advice; I am answering your question. But it is expedient for two important reasons. What I advise, good Foundation, and if you follow this advice, the life, in gratitude for the discipline, will tell what to do in this regard later. In the beginning, you need in a strong discipline. Without it you are not going in the getting of knowledge, as, however, in any other case... 
- And your other reason? 
- The second is even more thin... Understand it will still difficult for you... You probably watched the movies about the masters of martial arts. There is such a tradition of continuity Weapons. The word of Knowledge is also a Weapon, and it can also be passed as a Force, from Teacher to Student, then the Student carries the Power of the Teacher, and with it the Tradition - Force of long chain of Spiritual Succession...

Okay, we'll speak later, you do not need it now. What else are you interested in? 
- And if I'm a little change your advice? For example, I'll wash three times a day or just once? 
- It is not so important; what is a matter that you must be clean always. How you'll reach - it's your business, but discipline is the first necessary and indispensable thing, similar to the Foundation of which we spoke. Without the discipline does not go far... 
- And as for the second reason? 
- The second reason you should strictly follow the instructions of the Teacher. 
- What is the difference between following the instruction and a small change? 
- There is a huge difference. 
- What is it manifested?

- When a person follow only their own whim - he develops by itself, with no support in the outside world. When people follow the tradition - he attains a collective force. He was stronger than the individualist in terms of Power and is able to achieve great heights in Society, or in the form of Art. Living alone, is a weaker power, but to a certain extent freer. This freedom is twofold: either it destroys the person, or gives him the unlimited possibilities... And both are worthy of attention. The way of the human Harmony is to follow both paths. We'll talk a lot about this in the future... 
- Thank you, grandpa! I'm tired; I want to think about this. 
- Well, son, I'll be glad to see you again - you give life to my creep old age, and I'll appreciate it.


The Healing Power Of The Heart 
- Grandpa, I've seen today, You were visited by a woman with a child. You only looked at the child and something told his mother. It was so short visit, but she smiled, thanked you and left. You will not be able to help a child? 
"Looks like you became more attentive. Besides, your question tells us the topic of conversation today. I told the little boy's mother about how she could help her “child” to sleep at night. 
- Isn't a person without special training may treat? 
"And why not? This young mother’s heart is very hot and kind. 
- Knowledge? Isn’t only warmth of the heart enough? 
- To help her child. Yes.

- What do you advice? 
- Washed and dried baby clothes properly. 
- And this may be enough for treatment? 
- Right disposing of our love is enough. Mother love can do so healing just beyond the grasp of healers. 
- And even better than you, grandpa? 
- And even better than me. 
- Well, if her husband or her mother fall ill does she would able to heal them? 
- If she loves them, then yes, she can. 
- If she doesn't love? 
- If there is no love or a little sympathy, no effect will be. 
- So if you have a good heart and no knowledge, you can treat? 
- A good Heart is already a Great Knowledge! Knowledge emanating from the depths of the human soul, and it needs no explanation... 
- But why then, children of good mothers still get sick? 
- This is all from living in each of us Laziness! Mom did not perform reasonable rules of caring for their children.

- What are these rules of care?

- In General, it is the realization of all our actions, and more specifically to get the experience to do the work without thinking about the result for the work.  In this case, machine washable clothing should be replaced by hand-washing with love for this process and desire to have healthy children. 
- Oh, it's all so knotty. I didn't catch on, grandpa! 
- Well, I will say a bit clearer. When you touch the language of batteries, it'll “pull” you. When in freezing weather wet hand reach for a metal - you will “tie”. Well, same clothes, when washed our hands, gaining for them “charge” a person - and “writes” not only its power, but his feelings, his thoughts... 
The power goes out relatively quickly, feeling left a deep imprint, and here's a thought... it is probably forever. Does it come clearer? 
- Begins to “clear up”, the grandfather! It's really very interesting! And it is so simple and so difficult at the same time. 
- Listen further. It is very important for you to comprehend what you’ve heard and find analogies in the surrounding world. When you use washing machine, it only cleans the clothes. Washing by hands, as I’ve said, makes it live. But it isn’t all. Next is way of drying. Best thing is fresh free air, where there is Wind, the Sun and the Moon. The wind will refresh, power of the Sun will bring a smile and optimism, and the Moon will give the inside, sensual depth, romanticism.

And do not hurry to use an iron! Otherwise it'll ruin everything useful, turn the living breath of the sterility, the dullness. 
- Nothing ironed at all? 
- If there is no particular need, it is better not to do that. This applies particularly to the underwear. Her little boy, it is necessary to wash only by hands! And no Ironing! I must say: this rule refers to methods of treatment “female” and “male” intimate diseases. It is useful to know for all. It is a pity, that now we have a lot of misunderstood... 
- I can't believe, inflammation of the bladder can be cured only by a careful hand washing and proper drying. Many people follow that constantly; however, do not get rid of suffering. 
"You've forgotten what I’ve said before this... 
- I just do not have time to adopt all of that, grandfather. 
- You said that people to look after one and continue to be ill. Let me not agree with this! Are people taking care of themselves so diligently? Moreover, as I have already said,- it is not enough only to perform physically, you also have to have their physical action accompany inner satisfaction and Laundry, after realizing that, then the purity will treat your disease. 
Action, Feeling and Thought, merged, this is the true art of Living!.. 
Unfortunately, we understand that only in old age and not all of us... and only few has the opportunity to Express, to teach others, how such little respect for elders... However, this is our guilty-we must learn to speak clear, obvious. 
- Can I, a young, connect this “Trinity”? 
- You ask - is it possible become wise in their youth. 
Whether, can I be strong? 
- Of course, you can; every young tree bears in itself a germ of the future of the fetus. The action will undoubtedly, the strong feeling too, but impulsive, volatile, and therefore little constructive.  
For the strength of the feelings you must constantly overcoming obstacles, like you did yesterday ran through the woods, strengthening the heart and muscles.  
The power of thought? This, my young friend, is a particular theme... while I won't talk with you about this, it will pass over us.

- You do me wrong, grandfather. 
- This is also an obstacle: you're offended. And for what? Does the tree offended for what it early summer wrecked the green Apple? As I understand it, Apple understands it, too. Autumn - on the contrary: leave Apple rot on the branch the Apple tree will be offended, and if you pick and eat, it will be grateful to you, and warm... 
- It's like how we've helped find the joy girl, when savored brought it pears? 
- Who else was happy then, guess? 
"I see-I see. Of course - a pear tree that gave this fruit. 
- Now you will not be offended at me? 
- No, grandfather, I'm sorry for this. Now I will try to behave more intelligently. 
- A time for everything, people say...


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