The Secrets from The Wise Man

Translated by Katya Spungina

Meet on Clothes

A car arrived at the court. A carelessly dressed middle-aged man and quickly passed through the yard and went to the grandfather. The student watched, and had noticed not only looks unkempt appearance, but also some pomposity, complacency in connection with scattered haste.

As the student pondered over this, in a moment, but with a mask of discontent and arrogance, “the visitor” grandfather “flew” from the yard, jumped into the car and “disappeared”.
- Grandpa, why are you so hurt feelings today's visitor?
- With anybody you should to speak on the language which he understands. On his ultimatum I answered the same way.
- And how was it? What he required you to do?
- He wanted to buy health. I answered him: “Go to a steam room, put on clean and decent clothes, after I will hear you”.
- Soharshly? I cannot believe that you can say so. You always speak that people need to be polite.
- I have to say that. First of all you need to be sincere. This man sees onlyitself and everything around him are only things. Even in this approach, he cannot handle own clothes. I answered him as his world answers him, unfortunately, he does not hear...
- Hi was angry, as I noticed. But what is about compassion?
- In his anger is my compassion for him. He got mad, I’ve bothered him, and this draws his illness. Before you heal the wound, you need to look at it, and clean. Thus I’ve began to expose his limitation and selfishness. Through my words outside Worldbite him, and it, like it or not, will cause him to think about...
- You said that he decently dressed. Maybe he had no money?
- If he had no money, he would come to my place on a bus. Gasoline for a personal car is expensive now!
- Understood.
- Since you raised the issue about this man, we can continue to talk about clothes, because first of all I was distasteful his dirty, sloppy appearance. I dislike those who do not care about your body and its appearance. Perhaps, it is not wise, but I'm just a man...
- People say “clothes make the man”.
- Yes, meet “on clothes”, and not by accident. Appearance creates the mood, gives energy.
- Can the clothing treat?
- Everything can treat, and clothing plays not last role.
- Is there any kind of regularity, consistency in clothes?
- I think you can say that there is. The color and style plays role, but there is a more General pattern that we can discuss now. Let this pattern will sound for you like clothing is our Shield and our Sword.
- Shield because protects against climate?
- Not only. Protection from physical manifestations of the external world is a direct, primary, natural function of the service. But it has a secret, hidden, mystical feature! A belt with a pattern, embroidery on the collar and sleeves - where is it - guess?
- From antiquity. It is the creativity of our ancestors, the older generations.
- And what is the essence of these patterns? What do you think about that?
- Beauty, originality and attractiveness.
- Yes, the beauty and the originality and attractiveness, but the main thing is Amulets! Mother, embroidering baby clothes, creates ornament - symbol, which is associated with the generic space symbol, and creates protection. Besides, it is part of the soul of the one who creates the matter. The bride “hiding” her Love, Faithfulness and Memoryin the patternwhen the groom go far away, it’s a part of the soul which becomes a connecting link between Her and Him. That's the main idea of the second side of the coin Apparel. On the one hand body protection from the outer world, on the other protecting from the subtle world, his feelings, soul and mind.
- I have never thought about that before...
- Not only you, a lot of peoplehave not thought about that. Although we still remains this knowledge; even in the hairpin, which a mother attaches to dress daughter from “evil eye.”
- Why clothing is a Sword?
- Because it served to attract attention to themselves. Weapons “conquest” of the environment. Look, a butterfly sits on a flower, how do you like her outfit? Handsome? She blew you! And me to! This is her Sword. How often in Kiev, do you stare on beautiful girls?
- Well, grandpa, I'm young!
- I do not accuse. This is our natural reaction for a “call”. I’ve said that to you, to clear how much weapon service.
- And why do people use clothes as a weapon?
- The issue is complicated, and requires lengthy explanations, but in short we can say that for many it is a way of energy supply. If the person inside feels his disharmony, the lack of power, faith in oneself, fear, he is trying to get the missing from the outside world.
- Something like a self-assertion?
- Yes, self-assertion. And the person lays out the bait, dressing themselves primly, playfully. As much attention he gets from others, the more saturation in his soul; he is not able for self-support, seeking support from others.
- Do you condemn, grandpa?
- No, not only don’t condemn, but I totally understand. Can we blame the child for their attempt to be more mature? Anyone who seeks recognition of his individuality from the world is worthy of respect. Who searches, that sooner or later, but still finds what he was looking for. By showing yourself you can get not only support, but also disapproval, and this, like today's occasion of the “messy”, makes a person think! Experience is awonderful thing in terms of self-discovery!
- Well, does showing yourself have only benefits? What about harm?
- Harm is the same benefits, but comes from insides.
- I do not understand?
- In the childhood, when your father punish you with a belt on your “secret” place, traces were under the pants from father's lesson and same time in the head  there was a “coup”which showed you the law: not everything you want is allowed!
- In your opinion, in everything bad is something good, isn’t it?
- I think everything have a good and a bad sides. And again: everything is interconnected, submit to strict and rigid laws, which we, unfortunately and fortunately, we do not understand...


to be continued...